Buy Your Silver Rings Wholesale from Thailand

Buying your silver rings, bracelets, pendants, and other jewelry wholesale from Thailand can help you save money and weather the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In these days of lockdowns and quarantines caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to stay as close to home as possible and keep yourself safe. You also need to run your jewelry retail business as leanly as you can because of the drop in walk-in customers.
Everyone is doing everything they can to weather the coronavirus storm, and for retail jewelry stores, this means finding the best deals available for quality jewelry. Buying silver rings and other fine jewelry pieces online at wholesale prices allows you to shop in comfort and safety, and it provides access to a huge variety of jewelry.

Why Thailand?

The Karen people of northern Thailand have a long history of handcrafting exquisite silver jewelry. This hill tribe of people have long believed that silver has magical powers. In particular, the women of the tribe adorn themselves with ornamental jewelry pieces that represented their origins from the “mother dragon”.
The term “Karen silver” soon was recognized as a shiny and soft alloy that the Karen used to create their jewelry. This alloy was between 97.5 and 99% pure silver, and it didn’t tarnish easily. The development of their own alloy demonstrated the Karen’s commitment to the art of silver jewelry making. Today, they generally use sterling silver as the standard alloy for the jewelry industry.
As the Karen honed their jewelry-making skills, the world started to take notice, and their jewelry became popular with jewelry collectors and the fashion industry. The Karen people slowly became synonymous with high-quality silver jewelry and turned their traditional art and culture into a method of providing income for themselves.
Today, the Karen are responsible for a major part of the high-quality jewelry coming out of Thailand. The internet allowed them to expand their business and offer an astounding variety of wholesale jewelry to the entire world.

Buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry Online

Shopping online has exploded due to the border closures and other lockdown requirements of the pandemic. What once was a sales side channel for some businesses has evolved into their main business model. The world’s largest shipping companies have ramped up their services to respond to the need for fast and reliable delivery anywhere in the world.
With the secure transaction capabilities of the online business model and the abilities of worldwide shipping, jewelry manufacturers in Thailand are able to offer a huge variety of exquisite jewelry pieces to jewelry retailers around the world. Their offerings include pendants, bracelets, earrings, anklets, necklaces and silver rings at wholesale prices.
The abilities of this new business model enable jewelry stores worldwide to offer a complete jewelry selection to their customers while staying safe and sound within the borders of their country. Browse the Karen Silver Design website to see what a jewelry manufacturer in Thailand can offer to a retail store in your part of the world.