Why eating proper food is the key to good health and happiness

Food is the “fuel” of daily life. It doesn’t only offer sufficient energy you need to go through each day, but it helps your brain to function properly which affects your feelings directly. Want to stay energized and happy throughout the day? Here are some good ideas for eating right.

food eat stay healthy
First of all, we must love and respect our body, so we must not eat too little or eat too much. Considering your lifestyle, if you work in an office where requires you to sit at your desk all day, you won’t need to consume as much as others whose jobs requires them to walk a lot.

It’s healthy not to eat when under stress: anger, fear, sadness, nervousness. This affects the metabolism negatively, and also obstructs the proper digestion of food. You can eat everything in its proper portion. Start the day harmoniously with a good breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day. It also decreases the hunger that could arise during the rest of the day.

If you choose to be vegan or vegetarian it’s great, but don’t choose it because it’s trendy. If you choose a type of food that you don’t really like, then you will be angry with yourself. Do not “copy” the diet that someone else (friends, family) is following because each body is unique and has its own needs.

Don’t believe the myth that healthy food is boring. There are plenty of tasty dishes that are good for your health. Don’t eat junk food, it’s a “trap”. This kind of food is prepared so that you can’t stop eating, since it’s seasoned for that. In time, you run the risk of becoming addicted to this type of food.

If you’re not sure how much you should eat each day, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a varied diet and the intake of  four main meals and two snacks every day. This eating behavior ensures you a balanced consumption, without going hungry.