Get Inspired in a Lighting Shop in Bangkok

There are so many lighting options available to the homeowner or interior designer these days. One of the best ways to get inspiration when you’re redecorating your home is to visit a lighting shop in Bangkok. You’ll be amazed how browsing through all the lamps, and lighting fixtures on display can spur your imagination.

The sheer amount and styles of table lamps, floor lamps, track lighting, wall sconces and ceiling spotlights available in the market mean you’re free to design the lighting plan of your dreams. 

Add Drama and Depth to a Room

Using light effectively in interior design means using both light and dark as equal contributors to establish a mood within a room. By highlighting certain prized furnishings in a room, you can create dramatic interest and focus on one part of a room.

If you have low ceilings, uplighting the walls will create a sense of space and draw attention away from the height of your ceilings. Architectural features can also become the focus of a room by focusing lights on them to bring out shadows that more clearly define them.

Highlight Elegance or Utility

Your lighting can also offer either elegance or utility to a specific room. A crystal chandelier creates a romantic, elegant centrepiece in a formal dining room. Your kitchen benefits from bright, cheerful illumination that allows you to prepare the dishes you love.

An office or study will benefit from well-placed lighting and lamps that allow you to conduct your business. Yet it also should offer a comfortable atmosphere to remind you it’s an office or study at home.

Visiting a lighting shop in Bangkok will provide so many ideas for you to follow. It’s the first step you should make before you start redecorating your home.