Understanding Face Detection Software and How to Utilize it

Advanced face detection software is a useful tool utilized by multiple types of businesses. Data gathered by this software are used to improve a host of different facets of an organization, ranging from security to marketing. As this technology improves, so too are analysts and powerful computers harnessing large data sets to make meaningful improvements to their firms.

This is a burgeoning technology that will only grow in terms of proliferation and quality, so getting an early understanding of how it works and how it can improve your business will pay dividends in the long run.

face recognition

How It works

If you have ever used the Face ID feature on an iPhone, you may be familiar with this process.  Facial recognition software uses cameras to identify points of detection on a face to create a “map”.  Each face has around 80 points, or nodes, and the software measures the distance between each node along with other striking features. These data are translated into code and uploaded into a greater database. Cameras equipped with face detection software will communicate with a database and find a match and “recognize” the individual in question.

Where to use it

Depending on your firm’s needs, face detection can be used across many different parts of an organization. Safety and security are the most salient examples of where this software is used, but it is also common practice to implement it into human resources. Employers can use it to identify employees’ work habits or use it to streamline the clock-in / clock-out process.  The retail sector has recently been using advanced recognition technology to improve in-store marketing and create personalized experiences for returning customers. 

With numerous advantages gained from integrating face detection software into your firm’s system, it is worth getting a consultation to understand how it can improve your business.