What to Look For in a Children’s Nursery in Bangkok 

On a given day, Bangkok can have upwards of 14 million people within its city limits. Among that giant population are thousands of young working families looking for daycare options for their young children. Many children’s nurseries in Bangkok have opened in strategic locations around the city to meet this huge demand.

Choosing the right children’s nursery in Bangkok can be a challenging task, as with so many great options to choose from, parents can find exactly what they are looking for. To help in this decision, here are a few things to look for in a school.



It may seem a little silly to consider which curriculum a children’s nursery in Bangkok follows; however, it is perhaps the most essential element of a school’s identity. At a young age, how a child spends their day and which methods are used to teach them can have a lasting effect on how they learn and grow. Schools that foster a play-based learning environment ensure to parents that their children are educationally stimulated.

It is recommended to find a school that follows a standardized pedagogy, such as the Early Years Foundation Stage program. We also suggest making sure that the teachers on staff have the right training to maximize a developing child’s learning potential.

Learning Environment

Toddlers need constant stimulation, highlighting the need for schools to create learning environments that keep students engaged and active; they should not be stuck inside or left to learn on their own. Schools with a smaller student population or a low student-teacher ratio are best to make sure each child is getting the proper attention. The schools should also have ample recreation or outdoor space to encourage students to explore and discover the world around them. These foundational years are critical to understanding how a child learns.