An International Prep Kindergarten in Bangkok

kindergarten in bangkok

The pressures are increasing to provide a quality education for your child from the moment they enter school. If you’re a parent and a resident of Bangkok, you need to find an international prep kindergarten in Bangkok

kindergarten in bangkok

As the job market changes and more emphasis is placed on the STEM subjects in education, you want to prepare your child as thoroughly as possible. Many careers today didn’t even exist ten years ago. 

Apple Tree International Kindergarten in Bangkok excels in preparing your child to enter the primary school years. 

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Apple Tree International Kindergarten provides the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in their pre-school and kindergarten education programmes. This curriculum includes Toddler, Nursery, Kindergarten, and Reception classes. 

The curriculum is based upon four different but complementary tenets to shape and guide a child’s development in their pre-school years. These principles are:

Unique Children – From birth, every child is considered to be able to learn. They are confident, resilient, and capable children with talents and skills that should be nurtured. 

A Continuation of Positive Relationships – We build on the positive relationships that the child has formed at home with their parents, siblings, families, and neighbours. 

Nurturing and Enabling Environment – It is vital to provide an environment where children can feel free to explore the world around them. Support and encouragement from teachers and peers are a large part of creating this learning environment.

Individual Learning and Development – Children learn and develop at different rates. Children may grasp one subject more easily than another. But all areas of learning and development are interconnected and equally important. There are no priorities given within the curriculum. 

Three Major Areas of Development

At the Apple Tree international prep kindergarten in Bangkok, there are three prime areas of development on which we focus. 

An emphasis on the development of communication and language skills gives children the ability to ask questions and listen in different situations. The ability to formulate and enunciate what they’re thinking leads to a greater understanding of the world around them. 

By providing opportunities for children to develop their physical skills and coordination, we increase their ability to interact with their peers and the world around them. We also encourage them to be active, which stimulates their physical development and teaches them that exercise is necessary to remain healthy. 

Social, personal, and emotional development is required because education is a social activity. Children need to learn how to control their frustrations and emotions to get along with others around them and not let their emotions dictate their advancement in the education system. 

Play as an Avenue to Learning

Children learn through playing by themselves and with others. Roleplay, outdoor play, art and music, and sensory play are all parts of a healthy environment of learning. Learning should be fun and exhilarating. 

At Apple Tree international prep kindergarten in Bangkok, we create programmes that guide the children’s play, in keeping within the framework of EYFS. Through this monitored play, we teach the skills children will need to excel when they enter primary school.