Be Sure to Keep your Phone Clean


Be Sure to Keep your Phone Clean

Clean Out Your Phone

It used to be that a person’s smartphone didn’t require any sort of maintenance for a vast number of users. Most of the drive space on a smartphone was taken up by the user’s photos. If you ran out of space, you simply had to sort through your photos and delete some until you freed up some more space. 

Several years ago, smartphones started replacing the computer as the preferred device to use for not just texting but emailing people as well. People started storing attachments sent to them on their devices, which became the start of the smartphone replacing the laptop in importance. The smartphone became like a mobile office. Google changed their best practices rules to reflect this growing reliance on the smartphone as the preferred option in communication devices. 

The Rise of QR Codes

Today, along with the rise in the use of QR codes, smartphones are also used more than debit cards or credit cards in Thailand to pay for many purchases. Smartphones are electronic wallets that work online by a direct connection between your bank, your phone, and the vendor’s online payment system, and in stores, by accessing payment systems by a QR code.

The use of smartphones to pay for items in shops and stores is underlining the need to keep your phone relatively clutter-free. 

People who spend a lot of time browsing their phones and accessing numerous websites may have trouble when they reach a counter, and a clerk presents them with a QR code as a payment portal. You need to both close all the tabs you access and clean your phone’s registry and cache periodically to maintain the ability to access QR code payment systems quickly. 

Closing your tabs and keeping your phone clean by running a product like the free version of CCleaner once a month or so will save your phone from taking excessive time to recognize a QR code in a store. It will also cause less embarrassment when the queue starts growing behind you, and other shoppers grow impatient.