Essential Items to Pack for Any Trip

We all have those last-minute trips when we aren’t sure what to pack, but we wish we had a list to help us remember every item we will need along the journey. While it’s impossible to be perfectly prepared for every trip, there are some items that you should always bring along if possible. This article will give you a head start on items you should pack for every trip.

Umbrella & Light Raincoat

It’s always good to be aware of weather forecasts before travelling anywhere, but even the most confident of weather reports can sometimes be thwarted by Mother Nature. It’s always best to prepare for rain just in case. Your umbrella can also help shield you from harsh sunlight on days that are too hot as well.

Small First Aid Kit

Many people might not think of packing a small first aid kit, but it’s extremely valuable to have when you need it, especially if you might be travelling some more rural areas far from the city. This kit doesn’t have to be too complex, but it should at least include some basic pain medications, a few sizes of bandages, and wound ointment.

Emergency Contacts List

Whether it’s on your phone or a card in your wallet, it’s always good to make sure you have some contact information on your person for close family or friends that can be contacted in case of an emergency. 


Any kind of travel involves at least some waiting. It’s important to make sure that you have something to keep your brain occupied during these periods. This could be a book, a game, a playlist, or a podcast.