Great Ramen Restaurants in Bangkok

ramen restaurants

Ramen has become one of the world’s favorite comfort foods. A dish of noodles, broth, meat, and vegetables, the combinations of the dish take skill and experience to prepare in accordance with the Japanese tradition. Tasting an expertly prepared bowl of ramen is something you’ll hold as your standard for every bowl of ramen after that.  

ramen restaurants

In a city known for the variety and tastiness of its vast noodle shops and street vendors, a foreign noodle dish rising to the level of popularity that ramen has is quite an accomplishment. 

But judge for yourself. Here are three of the most popular Ramen restaurants in Bangkok.  

Tomato Noodle

This strangely named Ramen restaurant is in the Gateway Mall near the Ekkamai BTS station. There is nothing wrong with exploring new flavors and including them in a bowl of ramen, as long it’s done right. The chefs at Tomato noodle have nailed it. With a broth that reminds one of tomato bisque, the chefs add typical Ramen ingredients to offer you a bowl that hits all the high points of a warm, tasty and memorable Ramen.

Misoya Ramen

This is a restaurant that takes its time to deliver the goods, and it’s located on Thonglor Soi 13. The rich and dark broth offers a complex flavor that doesn’t need any additional seasoning. The meats are braised to a level of excellence, and the noodles offer just the right texture and bite. The entire bowl is a study in careful and exacting culinary expertise.  

Fujiyama Go Go

This restaurant on Sukhumvit 39 offers a different take on the classic than your typically used to, although there is no denying that it’s a bowl of ramen. The rich broth is slightly thicker than clear broth Ramen addicts are used to slurping. But it’s a captivating broth nonetheless. They offer Tsuke-Ramen, which is separate bowls of the broth and noodles. But once you combine the two, it becomes perfectly clear why this restaurant has become so popular.