Selecting the Appropriate Ladies Shapewear in Thailand for Your Outfit


Do you have a big event coming up, perhaps a wedding or formal dinner? Choosing the right dress, shoes, and bag is probably the easy part, the hard part is deciding what shapewear to wear underneath. If you’re struggling to know what piece would ideally complement your look and be comfortable all night long, let us help with our top four tips for selecting this perfect piece of ladies shapewear in Thailand to complete a clingy, form-fitting and snug formal dress.




1. You dress is clingy

If your chosen dress clings to your body, your best choice is high-waisted shapewear with a tummy compressing panel; this will keep your midsection held tight and smooth you out any unwanted bumps or bulges. In particular, if you are wearing a slip dress, you will have to deal with clingy fabric, in this instance, the best option is seamless shapewear that will create a streamlined look. This will provide a completely invisible look and avoid the dreaded VPL (visible panty lines).


2. Your dress is form-fitting

With this look, what you’re going for is the illusion of a smooth and slim silhouette from head to toe. You can achieve this look, and banish unsightly cellulite at the same time, with well-chosen shapewear. The trick is choosing undergarments that will secretly target all your “problem” areas – tummy, thighs, butt – that will be predominantly on display. Don’t try to smuggle too much shapewear under your dress, go with either a chic boy short or high-waist body short.


3. Your dress fits snugly

If your chosen ensemble fits a little snug, you’ll need to invest in shapewear that is flexible and thin (i.e., bamboo fibre). Please don’t go for something too restricting though; you should select lighter compression so that it will move and bend with your body, especially while dancing. Perhaps the best choice in this regard is a bodysuit; this undergarment will provide you with a streamlined look from top to bottom, making you look like a superstar from neck to legs.


4. Your dress is bodycon central

For this hot look, dress shapewear plays a vital role in slimming and smoothing; not to mention that it helps keep your dress from slipping and sliding all over the place. The right shapewear under a bodycon-style dress can contour and accentuate in all the right places. Hello, sexy curves! You probably can’t fit a full bodysuit under this type of dress, so instead opt for a shapewear panty or body short; both of which will support and constrict in all the right places.