Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Living With Pets

If you live with pets you know the struggle of keeping your house clean. Furry friends can be some of our favorite family members, but cleaning up after hair, drool, accidents, and claw marks can be difficult. Living with our animal friends can also be a struggle if you have family members or frequent house guests with allergies, since hair hanging around your house will exacerbate their symptoms. 


The good news is that a great cleaning routine can significantly minimize these issues and keep you and your pets happy in a beautiful home. This article will give you some great tips for keeping your house clean with pets.

Take Care of Hair

Animal hair is one of the most common issues that pet owners face in their homes. Hair can get not only around your home and on your furniture, but also on clothing and items that leave your home, marking you as a pet owner to everyone you encounter. The best way to handle this is to brush your particularly fluffy pets well and to vacuum your home frequently, especially before you know you will have guests over.

Furniture Rules

Another great way to handle fur is to train pets to have furniture rules. Furniture can experience wear from active pets, as well as claw marks, drool stains and all kinds of other damage from untrained pets. Be sure to establish a policy for how pets should behave around furniture as soon as possible.

Change Litter Boxes Regularly

A full litter box can cause a very unpleasant smell. Make sure you always change litter boxes frequently and store them in a room, such as a mud room or bathroom area where the smell will be less noticeable for people in the house.

The key to having a clean home while owning pets is simply establishing a regular, effective cleaning routine and sticking to it. Be sure not to get lazy and your house can be just as clean as anyone else’s.