Which Aspects to Look For in an E-procurement Software



For any manager, optimizing and streamlining your internal processes is always top of mind. One of your roles is to find ways to improve protocols and workflows so that less time is wasted on menial tasks. As technology develops and management systems software improves, it becomes increasingly more viable to invest in this kind of software. For operations managers in charge of the supply chain and logistics, e-procurement software is a necessary tool to utilize. 

When considering which e-procurement software to invest in, there are a few vital features to look out for.


Document Generation

The nature of supply chain operations requires a lot of paperwork to be generated, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping documents. Having software that generates these different documents for you can save your firm valuable time and human resources. In addition to saving time, automated document generation ensures that there are no formatting or structural errors in your documents. This is invaluable for the supply chain as a small error can interrupt workflow and delay shipments or deliveries.


Filing Systems

After generating all those documents and receiving a host of documents from a supplier and logistic providers, you need to have a proper record-keeping system on hand for expeditious document recall. In the time-oriented world of supply chain logistics, it is inefficient to spend time sifting through files or excel sheets just to find the right information. Any e-procurement system worth its value will have an easily sortable and searchable record-keeping system.


In addition, having all relevant information in one place is a benefit for senior managers, as they are able to oversee operations without getting too involved with the day-to-day minutiae. This is helpful for demand planning, as managers can easily view purchase orders and invoices to get accurate information, and for financial accounting as well. Transparency is key to efficient operations management.