Celebrating Perfect Imperfections

Recognizing Perfect Imperfections

One of the home design trends for 2023 is recognizing and celebrating “perfect imperfections.” This means appreciating organic and natural materials as well as handmade objects. The trend has come and gone over the years, but it’s now becoming a focus of designers and decorators.

Reusing and repurposing have always been part of appreciating and respecting the natural world. It’s doing your part in helping to conserve raw materials by repurposing old objects into something completely different. 

It’s using an old chipped and cracked porcelain vase for a live plant pot or hanging an old and rusty pitchfork on the wall and repurposing the tines for a coat rack or hat rack. It’s looking at an object and letting your mind get creative in finding a new use for it. 

Old and the New

This design trend can create some amazing and casual juxtapositions in your home. You can pair the latest design in office chairs with an antique desk and filing cabinet and complete the look with a widescreen monitor on the desk and an old-fashioned pen and pencil desk set. 

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home that takes to this trend naturally. Combine modern stainless-steel appliances with old hanging copper pots and pans to provide a stunningly different look to a mundane kitchen. Finish the look with old baskets containing colorful fruits and vegetables on the counters. 

As this trend supports the natural world, go crazy with large houseplants. Choose the most outlandish pots and containers for large plants and fill your home with them. 

You’ll discover that this trend tends to create a warm, rustic and comfortable ambiance in your home. It does away with the stuffiness of having all new clean and shiny belongings. So, let your hair down in the coming year. Rediscover the intrinsic beauty and new uses for items from the past.