Decorate with Color and Texture

Fill Your Rooms with Color and Texture

One of the leading trends for 2023 is to celebrate texture in your fabrics, upholstery, and natural finishes. Another trend that is gaining traction is to brighten up your home with vivid colors that accentuate certain furniture pieces and corners of rooms. Combine the two trends, and you’ll have a colorful, warm home that’s inviting to the eye and touch.  

The use of bold textures in upholstery has been with us for a few years now, but it’s more popular now than ever. Bouclé is a heavily textured fabric that’s being used to cover everything from recycled thrift shop chairs to the most contemporary sofas and sectionals. It’s the fabric that some people refer to as “nubby,” and it’s showing up everywhere. 

Keep your eye out for older wooden furniture with rich and boldly textured wood grain. This furniture tends to look particularly handsome and stands out against textured fabrics. And don’t forget raw silk and heavy brocades in decorating with texture.  

Start with Minimal Use of Bright Colors

When it comes to adding bright colors to a room, start slowly. Richly textured and brightly colored pillows are excellent additions to sectionals, sofas, and chairs. But be daring, and don’t limit yourself to pillows. Bright, woven throws over the back of a sofa or a vivid rug on the floor can draw the eye to a conversation area in a room. 

And don’t forget about nature. Bright, fresh flowers matching a room element can be unexpected and appreciated by visiting guests. 

You want to aim for a comfortable, natural look that puts guests at ease while providing textures and colors that add dimensions and interest to a boring room. Do it right, and your guests will want to copy your design style!